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Ordering Policy

Ordering at our website is very convenient. Our online store boasts of a wide variety of dust filtration systems, water softeners, water conditioners and iron removal media. Customers can purchase these products without the involvement of any middlemen. You can do bulk buying by simply adding products to your cart or make individual product transactions by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ against each product.

Shipping Policy

Free shipping for all orders made through online within our website and all prices are in Indian Rupees inclusive of VAT. Please note that we do not sell/ship our products outside India. After your order and payment confirmation, we will ship your products within next the 48 hours. We have tied up with reputed courier companies to deliver the goods to all parts of India and if your address is not included under their service area, we will send the goods through INDIA POST as registered post with acknowledgement/speed post. If you give us an incorrect delivery address/contact number and a parcel is returned to us or undelivered because of that incorrect address we reserve the right to charge additional postage to cover the re-sending of your parcel to the correct address.

Please also note that each shipment of items in an order requires an adult's signature upon delivery. The person who accepts the parcel will have to present some form of identification proof.

Track your Order

We try our best to deliver your product well before the delivery date. Our online mechanism allows you to track the exact location and status of your order.

Our of stock items

Any out-of-stock items in your order will automatically be shipped separately.

Delivery Time

Normally you will get your order within 5 working days from our dispatch date. In some cases it may take longer to receive the shipment depending on your location and accessibility.

Warranty & Guarantee

Products sold on this site are covered by manufacturer's warranty. Warranty period and type offered are mentioned in the product description page.

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