Water Issues In Indian Homes

Your Tanker water, Ground Water or Corporation Water May Not Be Safe

Water is the essence of life. We cannot live without it. It’s a part of our daily lives.

Do you think the tanker water which comes to your apartment everyday is free from impurities?

Do you believe that the corporation water supply which comes through your pipes is free from contaminations?

Are you sure that the ground water which you are pumping up and using daily is actually pure?

The sad truth is that with all this industralisation and rapid growth in Indian cities, it’s becoming more and more evident that one of the key issues faced by the people are water contaminations. That's where we at TRANS WATER SYSTEMS would like to come in and make a difference.

Lakes in cities are getting polluted. This also leads to Ground water getting more and more polluted.

Improper treatment of sewage and stormwater drains especially during rains also affect the quality of the water.

Most of the water in Indian cities today have either excessive Iron, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Nitrate, Bacteria or Viruses.

Such contaminated water gives rise to long term health damages and issues such as rapid hair fall, skin decolorisation, bone issues, diarrhoea as well as blood related diseases.

Such water also affects your clothes after a few washes.

Do You Face Any Of These Challenges?

Here's A Solution To All These Issues

Here are some facts

Impure Water Can Do More Damage To Your Life Than You Can Imagine

  • Excessive Iron in water will decolourise your skin.
  • Excessive Fluoride in water will affect your bones & teeth.
  • Excessive Heavy Metals in water can have long term health issues.
  • Excessive Nitrate in water can cause blood related complications .
  • Excessive Turbidity in water will not give you that feeling of freshness after a bath.
  • High levels of Bateria and Viruses can also lead to Diorrhea, Food Poisoning and vomiting. Especially cases like the Ecoli Bateria.

Here's The Solution

Try Our Revolutionary & Easy-To-Install Products - Boson AERO™ & Boson JUNO™

At TRANS WATER SYSTEMS, we've researched on all water issues in Indian homes & apartments for over 8 years now and have come up with two revolutionary products which can solve all your water related problems. It’s affordable, easy to install and can be fit in any part of your home.

Available in of 250 lt/hr & 500 lt/hr variants, the Boson AERO™ can help in Water Softening, Iron Removal, Smell & Colour Removal, Turbidity Removal as well as Water Conditioning. Best suited for homes and apartments that face all the above challenges.

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Available in of 750 lt/hr & 1000 lt/hr variants, the Boson JUNO™ can help in Water Softening, Iron Removal, Smell & Colour Removal, Turbidity Removal as well as Water Conditioning. Best suited for homes and apartments with require high capacity purification.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

"Our recent purchase of Boson Juno - Activated Carbon filter for our residence, and it has made our family safe from contamination. During Rains our purchased tanker water has rotten egg smell, grey in color because of some random contamination. We came to know about Boson from one of relatives and we installed the same few weeks ago and now I can see clear water, however at my sump level it is still smelly but after our Boson system, the water is clear and no smell, we just have to turn a knob once in few days for maintenance. Very happy with the product and we are now getting the same installed in our other flats."

 Ramesh Updahya
Ramesh Updahya Home Owner at Sahakara Nagar

"We get Cauvery Water, inspite of that I felt the water, hard and was uncomfortable to wash the hair with the same. We recently purchased Boson Aero - Conditioner Variant, the water really feels very soft and i am very happy with the product. Also we are happy that there are no chemicals involved and very low maintenance. We would recommend Boson Aero - Conditioner to our friends and contacts."

Priya Home Owner in HSR Layout

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