The Solution To All Water Issues

Easy-To-Install Revolutionary Water Purification Systems For Your Home

The Boson AERO™ & Boson JUNO™ are revolutionary water purification products designed specifically for individual homes and apartments.

These compact units come in multiple variants, which can solve most water impurities such as:

  • Hard water issues
  • Turbid water issues
  • Smelly water issues
  • Coloured water issues
  • Iron contaminations

Two Products In Five Variants

Designed To Fight All Water Impurities, Anytime... Anywhere!

  • Flow Rate: 250 & 500 Lts/hr
  • Length: 10 Inches
  • Colour: Maroon
  • Max Pressure: 3.5 Kg/cm2
  • Preferred Connection: Bathroom inlet < 5 floors
  • Valve Type: Multiport Valve-Filter
  • Inlet and Outlet size: 3/4 Inch
  • Flow Rate: 750 & 1000 Lts/hr
  • Length: 20 Inches
  • Colour: White
  • Max Pressure: 4 Kg/cm2
  • Preferred Connection: Feed to Solar Water heater
  • Valve Type: Multiport Valve - 25 NB
  • Inlet and Outlet size: 1 Inch

Five Variants


  • Solves Hard Water Problems
  • No Consumables Required For Maintenance


  • Chemical Reduction In Hard Water
  • Requires Consumables & Maintenance

Iron Removal

  • Reduces Iron Content in Water
  • Helps Keep Water Clear & Pure


  • Improves Water Clarity & Purity
  • Gives You A Fresh Feeling After A Bath

Activated Carbon

  • Reduces Bad Odour In Water
  • Removes Organic Contamination

Product Design

The Boson AERO™ & Boson JUNO™ products are specifically designed to fit in any home or apartment. We've spent a lot of time in understanding how this can be installed easily in bathrooms, kitchens, utility areas or even in exposed environments such as, next to the water source of your home - be it a water tank or any other external source.


Using technology derived from years of research by a team of experts and scientists, we at TRANS WATER SYSTEMS have created the most technologically advanced chemical free (and chemical-based) water treatment systems. The Boson AERO™ & Boson JUNO™ are the fruits of all that research & the best solution in the market today for water treatment in homes and apartments.

Why Choose BOSON Products?

Our Mission Is To Be A Catalyst To Promoting Healthier Living In Indian Cities

  • We, at TRANS WATER SYSTEMS have over 8 years of research & experience in purifying water across India.
  • Have served over 400+ clients all over India.
  • All our components are NSF61 Certified.
  • We try to use only enviornment friendly products as far as possible, compared to other alternatives.
  • We import only natural ores directly from the USA for our various filtration applications.
  • We have pioneered and been officially certified in successfully converting sewage water to drinking water.
  • Our expert research team has produced water that does not conduct electricity.
  • We currently work with over 13+ dealers across India.
  • We are one of the most trusted companies in water treatment systems.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

"Our recent purchase of Boson Juno - Activated Carbon filter for our residence, and it has made our family safe from contamination. During Rains our purchased tanker water has rotten egg smell, grey in color because of some random contamination. We came to know about Boson from one of relatives and we installed the same few weeks ago and now I can see clear water, however at my sump level it is still smelly but after our Boson system, the water is clear and no smell, we just have to turn a knob once in few days for maintenance. Very happy with the product and we are now getting the same installed in our other flats."

Ramesh Updahya
Ramesh Updahya Home Owner at Sahakara Nagar

"We get Cauvery Water, inspite of that I felt the water, hard and was uncomfortable to wash the hair with the same. We recently purchased Boson Aero - Conditioner Variant, the water really feels very soft and i am very happy with the product. Also we are happy that there are no chemicals involved and very low maintenance. We would recommend Boson Aero - Conditioner to our friends and contacts."

Priya Home Owner at HSR Layout

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